Have you ever seen such a fountain?

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seen such a fountainHave you ever seen such a fountain? You’ve seen absolutely spring, but I do not think such a fountain that springs to name a juice that smoker refreshment as ice from the Çağılpın rock this video was filmed in August, of course, thirstily drank

We filled in PET bottles to be seen, but believe me, it does not enter the beautiful enter the water’s taste PET bottle instantly changing this Huawei Ascend P6 video was taken with

Byzantine monuments and centuries-old used the stone fountain in the village of Poplar intent

Byzantine monuments and centuriesThe village fountain in the Byzantine artifacts used stone intentions and Centennial of the remaining columns per remainder of a church ruins from the poplars and on the various articles and pictures

which works fountain stone building materials is not new, many in history have been the fountain is based on nearly a century diameter greater than about 1.5 meters this house the ruins of the empty poplar is said to be 700 years into the three-man fits comfortably in this video was taken with Huawei Ascend G610