LG LG-H525T G4c HD 1080p video shooting trial

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LG G4c LG-H525TLG G4c LG-H525T HD 1080 video test image zoom LG G4c LG-H525T of the smart phone features like Android 5 Lollipop operating system

LG G4c, thin and 5.0 “displays with HD display is very bright and sharp LG G4c’n curved design make you more will make a welcome difference. 1.2GHz Quad-Core OS 2,540mah battery, it lets you use your phone for longer periods without charging shortage. with G4c the high performance sound you can listen to music freely. LG G4 car with its wide-angle lens of the front camera, the wider background photos can fit into your frame and get a clearer selfie are the 5 MP front camera. Turn your palms after giving exposure and close the palm of your hand for the countdown, much easier with this feature take a selfie. touch anywhere on the screen, the image you want to 8MP auto-focus camera You can shoot.


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