Laser and Weighing Tape Measure Applied promo video

Laser and Weighing TapeLaser and Weighing Tape Measure Applied promo video you can see your a lot of work with a portable auxiliary home can measure with a tape measure with two water balance on a product that should be used in dealing for hobby and decoration

laser marking for dealing with building renovation work product 3 flat battery working with the product box is available in 3 spare batteries

Your home, your workplace, and Weighing Laser useful product can easily take with you anywhere you need to do measurement Tape Measure!
laser that will make your job easier in the places where you live or work in environments where the meter will help you to make your decorating business more smoothly.
Table suspension, interior and exterior decoration, field measurements, building, construction and renovation work in your will be your greatest helper in your tool bag with 3 functions.
As soon as the forefront of laser meter standard meter types, if you want to mount a framework or shelf that you receive in your home it allows you to make the most accurate alignment.
Vertical Align makes laser meters, at the same time you can also strip that incorporates meter measurement in the straight and right way.
laser meter capable of measuring up to about 5.5 meters, you can take it anywhere you want thanks to the small size or move in the tool box.
Laser Tape Measure and Ornamental Product Features:

 Accurate and sensitive measurements.
Shelves, cabinets, tiles and picture frames can be used to hang.
Horizontal and vertical laser beam propagates.
5.5 meters (18 feet) provides up measurements.
3 Piece AG works with 13 laser battery.
Situated on the on-off button you can activate at any time of the laser.
It is easy and practical.

13 cm x 8.5 cm
Package Included:

1 and Ornamental Laser Tape Measure (5.5 Meters)
AG 13 3 Laser Battery


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