Daxom UKDAX 8KT first run single-phase electric geyser video


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Daxom I UKDAX 8KT Daxom I UKDAX 8KT single-phase electric geyser during the first run video installation called as the absolute 3.5 hood insulated grounding cable and 40 amp fuse was hard to use or experience doing overheating

Daxom I UKDAX 8KT single-phase Instantaneous water heater 80 liter water heater’s why I take a lot of space in both the coating and begin to leak water

Daxom I UKDAX 8KT Single Phase Electric Water Heater features

· Model: Electric Water Heater

· Type: UKDAX – 8 KT

· 6 l / min.

· Adjustable temperature with 4 stages.

· 8.5 KW 6 l / min water capacity.

· Connect the counter or bench top six.

Esthetic appearance on the LCD screen.

· Automatically it runs through the water flow sensor.

· Operate in low water pressure.

· Temperature adjustment can be done in 30-55 degree range.

· It is safe thanks to the high temperature protection.

· Connect to multiple taps.


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